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Project Description

Taylor, Sue. “Heidi Schwegler: Poking Holes.” Call + Response, June 18-October 31, 2009. Exhibition essay. Portland, Oregon: Museum of Contemporary Craft, 2009.

Drawing on the musical concept of “call and response,” this exhibition provides a rare platform for artists and art historians to engage with each with other in dynamic conversation. This multi-layered exhibition features diverse works by eight pairs of art and art history faculty members from colleges and universities who have taught in Oregon for roughly ten years or less. Through multimedia content, contextual writing, the presentation of studio works and public programs, this intriguing project celebrates and provokes the recent influx of ideas brought to Oregon by these faculty members-who are breaking ground within their fields nationally and internationally. In effect, Call + Response considers what role these individuals, and their institutions, play within the state’s shifting creative landscape.

Courtesy of and © Center for Contemporary Art & Culture.

Artist Credit: Heidi Schwegler

Exhibition: Call + Response, June 18-October 31, 2009

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