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Kristan Kennedy at CANADA, New York

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Kristan Kennedy, Untitled Arrangement, 2017, exhibited in Tomorrow Tomorrow, curated by Wallace Whitney and Stephanie Snyder, Anne and John Hauberg Curator and Director, Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College, at CANADA, June 15 to July 21, 2017 “Tomorrow Tomorrow” is a group exhibition featuring Demian DinéYazhi’ and Noelle Sosaya, MK Guth, Jessica Jackson Hutchins, Kristan Kennedy, Evan La Londe, Charlie Perez, Michelle Ross, Storm Tharp, and Heather Watkins. These nine artists are preoccupied with physical abstraction, changeability, and working with materials to shape space with emotional purpose. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, the artists are part of a highly collaborative [...]


April May 2018

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The April May issue of the Visual Arts Ecology Project presents new writing by Portland author Jon Raymond. His essay “Three Used Books” was  among a series commissioned in 2017 by The Ford Family Foundation and Oregon Arts Commission with Editors Stephanie Snyder, John and Anne Hauberg Curator and Director, The Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery; and Sue Taylor, Associate Dean, College of the Arts and Professor of Art History, Portland State University. As we move into Summer, we’re happy to report that both editors are at work with writers for new words to be published here, and are [...]


Elizabeth Malaska, Art in America

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Sue Taylor, "Elizabeth Malaska," Art in America, April, 2018. (Exhibition Russo Lee Gallery, Portland, Oregon Feb 1 - March 31, 2018) "In the six large paintings on view in Elizabeth Malaska’s exhibition (all works 2017), female nudes in strange interiors smoke, sleep, sob, or stare at smartphones. Shunning furniture, they sit, kneel, recline, or crawl on the floor. Most have cats, as witches have familiars. All appear to possess turbulent inner lives. Painfully distorted and conveying severe unease, the nudes arouse compassion, not desire, rebuking the art historical traditions from which they descend...." (Link to full review)   [...]


Elizabeth Malaska, Artforum

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Stephanie Snyder, "Critics Picks: Elizabeth Malaska," Artforum, March 2018 (Exhibition Russo Lee Gallery, Portland, Oregon Feb 1 - March 31, 2018) Elizabeth Malaska, Wake to Weep, 2017, oil, Flashe, charcoal, and pencil on canvas, 36 x 47" Elizabeth Malaska’s recent paintings celebrate the pathos and resilience of the anima, asserting its reproductive and spiritual power over millennia of oppression. At the heart of each work is a figure, or figures, embedded within a nonhierarchical matrix of oneiric visions, plants, decorative objects, and patterned surfaces. Feminist psychoanalyst and artist Bracha Ettinger would describe such spaces as ones of “undifferentiated [...]


Three Used Books by Jon Raymond

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Three Used Books by Jon Raymond Originally published April 2018 One of the best garage-sale scores I ever had came in Brooklyn sometime in 2003. I remember the year because I’d just sold my first novel and was floating in that lovely, pre-publication fog of optimism, thinking maybe nothing would ever be the same. Maybe people will like it! Maybe I’ll be asked to give a speech on my influences! I remember it was a warm day in Williamsburg, and I was still just getting used to not worrying about money for the first time in my adult life, when [...]


“Bonnie Bronson Fellows: 20 Years”

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Bourdette, Christine et al. Bonnie Bronson Fellows: 20 Years. Portland, Oregon: Lewis & Clark College, 2011. In August 1990 Northwest artist Bonnie Bronson died in a climbing accident. Bronson, whose accomplishments included painting, fabric design, welded and painted steel collages, and enamel on steel wall sculptures, as well as video production and gardening as an art form, had been a powerful force in the Northwest art community. The Bonnie Bronson Fellowship was founded in 1991 by friends who wished to honor her memory with an award furthering the development of an artist living in Oregon or Washington. The fellowship gives [...]