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Allison Wade • Ditch Projects (2)

Allison Wade: Thin Troubles, May 24 – June 21, 2014. Installation view. Springfield, Oregon: Ditch Projects, 2014.

The work in Allison Wade’s Thin Troubles examines the intersection between two and three dimensions. How can sculpture function as both a drawing and a support for a drawing? Can a line be simultaneously marginal and significant? What does it mean for a piece to “fall flat”? With a continued focus on balance, tension, and the conjunction of elements, Wade creates structural contingencies that suggest vulnerability. Her arrangements of unexpected material juxtapositions expose an idiomatic approach to making that reveals its own intuitive logic while inviting interpretation.

Courtesy of Ditch Projects.

Artist Credit: Allison Wade

Exhibition: Allison Wade: Thin Troubles, May 24 – June 21, 2014

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