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Antwoine Thomas • RACC Mural Program (3)

Thomas, Antwoine. The Eyes of All. Acrylic on steel. 2012. 14 x 46 feet.

In developing this fantastical design for a mural in the Rosewood Neighborhood, Antwoine Thomas, with the assistance and support of Addie Boswell, collaborated with local residents through The Rosewood Initiative community meetings and activities like Youth Night to create a design that represents the positive change occurring in the neighborhood. Throughout the energetic mural one can identify recognizable elements from Rosewood including roses, community gardens, diversity, and local businesses. There are also elements that link the neighborhood to the greater Portland metro area, honoring some of the neighborhoods from which many residents have relocated. While the mural contains these true elements, the design is also highly detailed and fantastical, meant to entice the senses and invite the eye to linger and keep discovering.

Courtesy of Regional Arts & Culture Council Mural Program. © the Artist.

Artist Credit: Antwoine Thomas

Exhibition: Regional Arts & Culture Council Mural Program

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