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BCCTV • RACC Intersections (2)

McFarland, Mack, Carl Diehl, Ariana Jacob, and Jeffrey Richardson. BCCTV, May, 2012-March, 2013. Portland, Oregon: Regional Arts & Culture Council, 2013.

In a series of workshops and weekly meetings led by the team of artists in residence, a community of video makers was formed in a facility called the Bud Clark Commons, calling themselves BCCTV. The Commons is an innovative facility that brings together services and providers in one location, providing vital resources, shelter, and housing placement services to people experiencing homelessness in Portland. Free weekly classes and workshops were offered to anyone who had experienced homelessness, focusing on how to make, edit, and share videos. Participants explored their own interests in video with the support and expertise of the artist team as well as visiting artists from the community. They learned improvisation, animation techniques, visual storytelling, sound design, and editing, which in turn made them eager to delve further into longer-term, more personal projects. The culminating event, “BCCTV on the Big Screen,” showcased a year’s worth of works ranging from personal documentary to live action horror, from comedic sketches to fictional dramas as well as a variety of animated shorts. A variety of videos created through the project can be viewed at www.bcctvportland.org.

Courtesy of Regional Arts & Culture Council Intersections/ Artist Residencies Program. © the Artist.

Artist Credit: Mack McFarland, Carl Diehl, Ariana Jacob, and Jeffrey Richardson

Exhibition: Regional Arts & Culture Council Intersections/ Artist Residencies Program; BCCTV, May, 2012-March, 2013

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