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“BODYCRAFT: Works of Art to Wear” • Portland Art Museum (1)

BODYCRAFT exhibition newsprint catalog with images of wearable art

Griffin, Rachael, Robert Kasal and Linda Parshall. BODYCRAFT: Works of Art to Wear. Portland, Oregon: Portland Art Museum, 1974.

Courtesy of Monograph Bookwerks.

Artist credit: Lela Autio, Dina Barzel, Sherry Charles, Susanna Campbell, Nancy J. Clark, Thomas Fawkes, Lew Gilchrist, Laurie Herrick, Tina Johnson, Phyllis Kessell, Bonnie Meltzer, Reta Miller, Jill Nordfors, Karen Rowden, Barbara Setsu Pickett, Nell Scott, Mary Christine Williams

Exhibition: BODYCRAFT, December 1, 1973 – January 6, 1974

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