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Bonnie Zahn Griffith and Douglas Gisi • Pendleton Center for the Arts

Exhibit postcard with two landscape paintings

Bonnie Zahn Griffith: A Hundred Mile Radius, with New Work by Douglas Gisi, September 7-October 5, 2007. Exhibition card. Pendleton, Oregon: Pendleton Center for the Arts, 2007.

“I want the viewer to be able to ‘walk into’ that painting, feel the warmth of the sun on a fall day, the cold of the snot on an early morning as the sun rises, smell the grasses and grains, feel the humidity of the hot day along a stream; enter that painting and get lost in it, even for a minute… enjoy it.”


Courtesy of Pendleton Center for the Arts.

Artist credit: Bonnie Zahn Griffith, Douglas Gisi

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