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Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson • RACC Mural Program (1)

Johanson, Chris and Jo Jackson. Cherry Sprout Produce. Acrylic. 2009. 14 x 53 feet.

The Cherry Sprout Market mural brings different elements together to show the dynamic harmony of nature, farming, wildlife, plants and different states of time. It is purposely abstract in order to be more open ended and create energy for the viewer to step into the mural. It provides multiple vantage points from which to view nature, elements of human intervention, and their place in nature. All greens used in the mural match the neighborhood region and are considered by the artists to be planetary and universal as they are brought into the neighborhood through the mural.

Courtesy of Regional Arts & Culture Council Mural Program. © the Artist.

Artist Credit: Chris Johanson, Jo Jackson

Exhibition: Regional Arts & Culture Council Mural Program

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