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“Curator and Critic Tours Connective Conversations: Inside Oregon Art 2011-2014”

Wagle, Kate, ed. Curator and Critic Tours Connective Conversations: Inside Oregon Art 2011-2014. Portland, Oregon: University of Oregon and The Ford Family Foundation, 2015.

Photos: Sabina Poole

The Ford Family Foundation’s Visual Arts program honors the interests in the visual arts by Mrs. Hallie Ford, a co-founder of The Foundation. The principal goals are to help enhance the quality of artistic endeavor and body of work by Oregon’s most promising visual artists and to improve Oregon’s visual arts ecology by making strategic investments in Oregon visual arts institutions. The program was launched in 2010, and in 2014 it was extended through 2019. The Foundation supports a range of program components, among them Connective Conversations as part of the Curator and Critic Tours and Lectures Series during which it partners with regionally-based institutions to invite professionals from outside the Northwest to conduct one-on-one studio visits and to join in community conversations. The Ford Family Foundation has collaborated with the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts to conduct the Connective Conversations | Inside Oregon Art Series since its launch in 2011.

Courtesy of The University of Oregon and The Ford Family Foundation.

Artist Credit: David Eckard, Joe Thurston, Pat Boas, Cynthia Lahti, Vanessa Renwick, Tannaz Farsi, Storm Tharp, Melody Owen, MK Guth, Christine Bourdette, Blair Saxon-Hill, Daniel DuFord, Dana Lynn Louis, Michael Lazarus, Shelley Jordan, Sang Ah Choi, Margot Voorhies Thompson, Paula Rebsom, John Brodie, Midori Hirose, Bruce Conkle, Mack Macfarland, Eva Lake, Heidi Schwegler, Ethan Jackson, Judy Cooke, Akihiko Miyoshi, Brittany Powell, Victor Maldonado, David Rosenak, Karl Burkeheimer, Bill Will, D.E. May, Laura Vandenburgh, Jack Ryan, Amanda Wojick, Julia Oldham, Donald Morgan, Colin Ives, Anya Kivarkis, Mike Bray, Kartz Ucci, Rick Silva, Brian Gillis, Terri Warpinski, Michael Salter, Surahbi Ghosh, Christopher Michlig, Cody Bustamante, Marelene Alt, Tracy Templeton, Renee Couture, Rick Bartow, Liz Haley, Ryan LaBar, Don Gray, Susan Murrell, James Lavadour, Maynard White Owl Lavadour, Sandy Brooke

Exhibition: Curator and Critic Tours Connective Conversations: Inside Oregon Art 2011-2014

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