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Linda Wysong • RACC Intersections (4)

Linda Wysong: On the Road…. Installation view. Portland, Oregon: Regional Arts & Culture Council, 2002.

“The world is dynamic and cinematic, we understand where we are both from the abstract map in our heads and the constantly shifting perspectives we encounter. Our movement is both determined by and determines the places we pass through, creating an interconnected symbiotic relationship.”

On the Road was part of the intersections residency program, an investigation of art at work and the work of art, in Multnomah County. The way a person negotiates the grid reflects both the nature of their mission and their personal inclinations.

During the year-long residency, Linda Wysong traveled with workers from the following departments: Library Outreach Services, Nuisance and Health Control, Road Maintenance, Survey Records, the Sign Shop, Animal Control, and Tax Assessment. The performance/tour was open to the public and looked at the county from the workers’ perspective.

Courtesy of Regional Arts & Culture Council Intersections/ Artist Residencies Program. © the Artist.

Artist Credit: Linda Wysong

Exhibition: Regional Arts & Culture Council Intersections/ Artist Residencies Program; Linda Wysong: On the Road….

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