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Lucinda Parker • RACC Percent for Art (2)

Parker, Lucinda. Talking Leaves. Acrylic on canvas and charcoal on paper. 1996. 16 x 16 feet.

This painting was designed to anchor the east end of the Midland Library. The painting looks down the length of the building to the open glass wall where you can see real trees catching sunlight, rain, and wind in real space. The artist’s intention for this piece was to invent a metaphysical reflection of nature that wants to be gazed at for itself, and to serve as a reminder to study the real thing through reading. The painting also strives to be worthy of its center stage position in the elegant grid that characterizes the library, giving a soft illusion of space at the end of the dynamic perspective of the rows of black columns which frame it.

Courtesy of Regional Arts & Culture Council Percent for Art Program. © the Artist.

Artist Credit: Lucinda Parker

Exhibition: Regional Arts & Culture Council Percent for Art Program

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