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“Northwest Painters 1961” • University of Oregon Museum of Art (2)

Page from catalog listing details of three artworks in exhibit

Colley, James F. Northwest Painters 1961 . Eugene, Oregon: Museum of Art, University of Oregon, 1961.

An interior page of the catalog from an invitational exhibition of painters from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia at the University of Oregon’s Museum of Art from January 24-February 26, 1961. The exhibit was designed to showcase lesser-known but promising artists alongside well-known painters from the Pacific Northwest, including Louis Bunce, Robert Colescott, Carl Hall, John Corner, J.A.S. MacDonald and Milton Wilson. Acting Museum Director James Colley also states in his introductory note that this exhibit should increase regional awareness of the richness of painting produced locally in the Pacific Northwest.

Courtesy of Monograph Bookwerks.

Artist credit: Louis Bunce, Robert Colescott, Carl Hall, John Corner, J.A.S. MacDonald, Milton Wilson

Exhibition: Northwest Painters, January 24 – February 26, 1961

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