Artist Features

Colin Ives

Rectangular image as if through a window set in a dark room with light focused on animal figure in image

Ives, Colin. Nocturne, video still. 2020 Individual Artist Fellow, Oregon Arts Commission.

Originally published April, 2020

Colin Ives’ media projects increasingly address ecological issues, in regard to technological consumption as well as our sense of place in the natural world. His project “Nocturne” was chosen for the International Symposium of Electronic Art 2006, and later exhibited at the Microwave International New Media festival in Hong Kong (2008). The project focuses specifically on the nocturnal lives of opossums, mice and kit foxes, animals that have found successful niches in sub/urban landscapes. The project asked viewers to re-envision urban spaces in terms of animal habitat, reconsidering what we think of as nature and wilderness.

Current projects include an event-based work addressing Salmon habitat in Oregon rivers; a robotic video camera project addressing location/dislocation and our constructed sense of place in the landscape; and a project that focuses on the world of ants. Ives holds an MFA and MA from University of Iowa and BA from Cornell College. Ives was recently included in the Portland2019 Biennial.

Courtesy of the Oregon Arts Commission.

Artist Credit: Colin Ives