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rubén garcía marrufo

Photo of installation including graffiti-like words on walls, a projected video on a screen

marrufo, rubén garcía. Return to the Phantomland, installation view, 2018. 2020 Individual Artist Fellow, Oregon Arts Commission.

Originally published April, 2020

rubén garcía marrufo is a Mexican filmmaker and artist. Their work focuses on borders and their aftermaths and bilinguality—work that finds its place between fiction and documentary forms with narratives that are rooted in hearsay and multiple languages. They have produced both feature-length, short and experimental films that have been exhibited in Mexico and the US, including work presented at Artists Space, abcontemporary, Kunstverein, Escritorio de Procesos, Echo Park Film Center and Mexicali Rose. marrufo was recently included in the Portland2019 Biennial, and has received grants from PICA’s Precipice Fund and the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Courtesy of the Oregon Arts Commission.

Artist Credit: rubén garcía marrufo