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Emmanuel Frémiet • RACC Historic Portland Sculpture (2)

Frémiet, Emmanuel. Historic Sculpture: Joan of Arc. Bronze, copper, and gold leaf. 1924. Height: 13 feet.

In 1924, after seeing the Joan of Arc sculpture in Paris, Dr. Henry Waldo Coe commissioned a casting of this sculpture as a monument to the Portland area World War One Doughboys-the American Expeditionary Forces- who were closely allied with the French. A dedication was held on May 30,1925, with a reading of remarks from President Calvin Coolidge and French President Gaston Doumergue.

The sculpture was rededicated in May 2002 following a major restoration project and after nearly three years of grassroots planning and fundraising. Generous support came from a Save Outdoor Sculpture! grant with generous support from Target Stores, the National Endowment for the Arts, and matching funds from Providence Health Systems and citizens from the community.

Courtesy of Regional Arts & Culture Council.

Artist Credit: Emmanuel Frémiet

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