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Jean Christofori Howton • Pendleton Center for the Arts (1)

Exhibit postcard with abstract painting of gentle curves of bright colors

Jean Christofori Howton, April 4-April 25, 2008. Exhibition card. Pendleton, Oregon: Pendleton Center for the Arts, 2008.

Jean Christofori Howton divides her time between Hat Rock, Oregon and Muids, France where exhibits of her paintings and drawings have earned her a reputation both across the United States and Europe. The quality of the detail and the richness and subtlety of the colors gives strength to her work, which, in the words of one NPR commentator, “…has translated to the canvas how jazz feels to the ear.”


Courtesy of Pendleton Center for the Arts.

Artist credit: Jean Christofori Howton

Exhibition: Jean Christofori Howton, April 4-April 25, 2008

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