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Jeremy Lilwall • Pendleton Center for the Arts

Exhibit postcard with image of small figures on platform with musical score behind

Jeremy Lilwall: Internal Rhythms of Madcap Inquiries, August 8-29, 2008. Exhibition card. Pendleton, Oregon: Pendleton Center for the Arts, 2008.

Lilwall’s paintings are the final act in a multi-faceted process that begins with sculpting original objects and re-working bought or found objects. “When I am arranging items as a still life, they begin to create a narrative and once I photograph or begin to paint, that moment becomes an experience, a memory, for myself and all the characters.” This body of work, exploring a world where the rational and irrational coexist, was created in collaboration with Kynde Kiefel.


Courtesy of Pendleton Center for the Arts.

Artist credit: Jeremy Lilwall

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