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Lowe, Nick. Exhibited in Looks on Paper, March 15 – 29, 2014. Springfield, Oregon: Ditch Projects.

Ditch Projects is pleased to present LOOKS ON PAPER, curated by Calvin Marcus (Los Angeles, CA) and Donald Morgan (Eugene, OR), a group show of works on paper.

….Even Animals near the Classis of plants seem to have the most restlesse motions. The Summer-worm of Ponds and plashes makes the long waving motion; the Hair-worm seldome lies still. He that would behold a very anomalous motion, may observe it in the Tortile and tiring stroaks of Gnat-worms.
-Sir Thomas Browne

Courtesy of Ditch Projects.

Exhibition: Looks on Paper, March 15 – 29, 2014

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