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Material Landscapes • Chehalem Cultural Center

Material Landscapes, April 11-May 28, 2011. Exhibition poster. Newberg, Oregon: Chehalem Cultural Center, 2011.

Contemporary artists explore our relationship with land, landscape, nature and place in a wide variety of ways. Some do so by using the tools and strategies of the naturalist and scientist to sample, record and understand nature, natural materials, and processes. They might also use the techniques of the cartographer to map and record a specific place in terms of its physical appearance and geography. Other artists may benefit from the insights that anthropologists have gained from an examination of human cultural practices that illuminate and contextualize our understanding of and interaction with nature. Another group of artists might study the accumulated wisdom of philosophical, religious, spiritual or mystical traditions that tie people to the natural environment or the animals and plants that inhabit it. Each of these different approaches illuminates our relationship with land and nature from a specific disciplinary or philosophical perspective.

Courtesy of Chehalem Cultural Center.

Exhibition: Material Landscapes, April 11-May 28, 2011

Artists: Andries P. Fourie, Craig Goodworth, Michael Boonstra, Jonathan Bucci

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