Aaron Flint Jamison, Artforum (2013) 2017-10-10T12:20:25-07:00

Project Description

Steve Kado, “Picks: Aaron Flint Jamison,” Artforum, September, 2013.

“These constant reversals—from the dense physicality of rare hardwood to invisible, eye-safe lasers, from the intangible to brutishly opulent corporeality, between knowing and unknowing—are a key Jamison move. From his early lightbulb performances (Which Side Are You On?, 2007) to his recent book works, Veneer Magazine, and even the pamphlet that accompanies this show, Jamison builds incredible hermetic density into relationships between things….”

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  • Aaron Flint Jamison, Artforum
  • Aaron Flint Jamison, Artforum (2013)