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The Organ, Issue 6

Raymond, Camela. The Organ Review of Arts. Portland, Oregon: Organ Publishing Company, July-August 2003. Volume 1, Issue 6.

The Organ was a bimonthly broadsheet by and for artists that sought to increase, diversify, and intensify the dialogue about the arts. Camela Raymond was founder and editor.

Courtesy of Camela Raymond

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Artist Credit: Denis Johnson, Lorrie Moore, Dorothy Allison, Rick Moody, Chris Offutt, Helen Shulman, Sallie Tisdale, Charles D’Ambrosio, Reed College, Portland Center for the Advancement of Culture, Performance Works Northwest, Richard Foreman, ORLO, Stephanie Snyder, The Know, 411 Collective Motel, M. Feldman Gallery, Alderbrook Station, Daren Doss, Lisa Chadbourne, La Palabra Café-Press, Tim DuRoche, Lisa Radon, Sam Gould, Jane Palmer, Marianne Fairbanks, Red76, My House, Gavin Shettler, Bryan Suereth, Ken Unkele, David Gold, Alex Wrekk, Samuel R. Delany, Tin House Magazine, Win McCormack, Denis Johnson, Rick Moody, Lorrie Moore, Dorothy Allison, Chris Offut, Helen Shulman, Elissa Schappell, Todd Haynes, Miranda July, Lee Montgomery, Subtext Collective, Jeanne Heuving, Ezra Mark, Nico Vassilakis, Spare Room Collective, Chris Piuma, Ashley Edwards, Pinball Publishing, Laura Brian, Austin Whipple, Richard Brautigan, Literary Arts Inc., Glimmer Train, Portland State University, Laura Zigman, Joanna Rose, Chuck Palahniuk, Dangerous Writers, Tom Spanbauer, Dodie Bellamy, Rae Armantrout, Michael Davidson, Jonathan Skinner, Juliana Spahr, Kevin Killian, Joseph Bradshaw, Jeanne Heuving, Jeff Sargent, Portland Art Museum, Bruce Guenther, Taravet Talepsand, James Lavadour, Ann Kendellen, James Boulton, Lisa Conway, Cynthia M. Star, G. Lewis Clevenger, William Pope.L, Jill Godmilow, Crystal Williams


411 Collective Motel

Alderbrook Station

Alex Wrekk

Alicia Cohen

Allison Dubinsky

Amy Zollinger

Ann Kendellen

Anna Simon

Ashley Edwards

Austin Whipple

Bo Brown

Brad Adkins

Brannon Ingram

Bruce Guenther

Bryan O'Keefe

Bryan Suereth

Camela Raymond

Charles D'Ambrosio

Chris Offut

Chris Offutt

Chris Piuma

Chuck Palahniuk

Crystal Williams

Cynthia Lahti

Cynthia M. Star

Dangerous Writers

Daren Doss

David Gold

Denis Johnson

Dodie Bellamy

Dorothy Allison

Elissa Schappell

Ezra Mark

G. Lewis Clevenger

Gavin Shettler

Glimmer Train

Heather Larimer

Helen Shulman

James Boulton

James Lavadour

Jane Palmer

Jeanne Heuving

Jeff Sargent

Jill Godmilow

Joanna Rose

Jon Raymond

Jonathan Skinner

Joseph Bradshaw

Juliana Spahr

Ken Unkele

Kevin Higgins

Kevin Killian

Khris Soden

La Palabra Café-Press

Laura Brian

Laura Zigman

Leah Bobal

Lee Montgomery

Lisa Chadbourne

Lisa Conway

Lisa M. Steinman

Lisa Radon

Literary Arts Inc.

Lorrie Moore

M. Feldman Gallery

Marianne Fairbanks

Matthew Stadler

Meg Storey

Michael Davidson

Michael Knapp

Miranda July

Morgan Currie

My House

Nico Vassilakis


Paul Green

Performance Works Northwest

Pinball Publishing


Portland Art Museum

Portland Center for the Advancement of Culture

Portland State University

Rae Armantrout


Reed College Special Collections

Richard Brautigan

Richard Foreman

Rick Moody

Sallie Tisdale

Sam Gould

Samuel R. Delany

Scamper Franklin

Sophie Ragsdale

Spare Room Collective

Stephanie Snyder

Steve Connell

Stuart Horodner

Subtext Collective

Susannah Hale

Taravet Talepsand

The Know

The Organ

Tim DuRoche

Tin House Magazine

Todd Haynes

Tom Spanbauer

William Pope.L

Win McCormack