Materials from the Archives

The Organ, Issue 3

Raymond, Camela. The Organ Review of Arts. Portland, Oregon: Organ Publishing Company, February-March 2003. Volume 1, Issue 3.

The Organ was a bimonthly broadsheet by and for artists that sought to increase, diversify, and intensify the dialogue about the arts. Camela Raymond was founder and editor.

Courtesy of Camela Raymond

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Artist Credit: Genuine Imitation Gallery, Vincent Clervi, Jason Mitchell, Pulliam-Deffenbaugh Gallery, Tim Bavington, David Eckard, Art Gym, Red76 Arts Collective, Four Wall Cinema Collective, Jill Godmilow, Walid Ra’ad, Gavin Shettler Gallery, Portland Center for the Advancement of Culture, Elizabeth Leach , The Pacific Switchboard, the charm bracelet, Christopher Buckingham, Brad Adkins, Vanessa Renwick, Bill Daniel, Sean Tejeratchi, The Oregon Department of Kick Ass, Sam Gould, PS What?, Miranda July, Joanie4Jackie, The Lecture Series, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland Art Museum, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Phimister Proctor, Fashion Incubator, Stella Farina, Itch Studios, Paola La Morticella, Marsali Ghilarducci, Jessie Whipple, Cameron, Babe O’Sullivan, Animal charm, Brad Adkins, Melody Owen, Philip Cooper, Thad Povey, The Distance Formula, Gerhard Richter, Robert Storr, Rosalind Krauss, Andy Warhol, Bruce Guenther, Grandma Moses Zac Margolis, Cynthia Star, Natascha, Snellman, Amos Latteier, John Baldessari, Four Wall Cinema Collective, Hollis Frampton, Matt McCormick, Bellevue Art Museum, Jessica Stockholder, Henry Art Museum, New Museum, Patrick Meaghan, Adam Ross, James Harris Gallery, Greg Kucera Gallery, Anne Appleby, Esther, Claypool Gallery, David Brody, Frida Kahlo, Seattle Art Museum, Do-Ho Suh, Asian Art Museum, Zadie Smith, Disjecta, Bruce Benderson, Erin Boberg, David Bryant, Joe Janiga, Lightbox Studio, Andrew Dickson, Luca Buvoli, Frank McGuinness, Gavin Shettler Gallery, Jen Rhoads, Colin Longcore