Materials from the Archives

The Organ, Issue 2

Raymond, Camela. The Organ Review of Arts. Portland, Oregon: Organ Publishing Company, November-December 2002. Volume 1, Issue 2.

The Organ was a bimonthly broadsheet by and for artists that sought to increase, diversify, and intensify the dialogue about the arts. Camela Raymond was founder and editor.

Courtesy of Camela Raymond

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Artist Credit: Lawrence Rinder, Peter Plagens, Sunshine Muse, Gavin Shettler, Gavin Shattler Gallery, Bryan Suereth, Disjecta, Portland Center for the Advancement of Culture, Wes Anderson, Dave Hickey, Gloria Bornstein, Seattle Art Museum, James Lavadour, PDX Gallery, Maryhill Museum, Melody Owen, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Jon Hammer Collective, Neon Gallery, Natascha Snellman, Reed College, the charm bracelet, Brad Adkins, Christopher Buckingham, Performance Works NW, Henry Hills, Sally Silvers, Jo Ann Kemmis, Fleck Gallery, Matthew Fleck, Tim Dalbo, Nicholas Walker, Eva Lake, LoveLake Gallery, Art Star, Randy Moe, Dianne Kornberg, Sharon Harper, Savage Gallery, John Moran, Eva Mueller, The Ohm, Daniel Duford, Four Wall Cinema, Shirley Clarke, Ornette Coleman, Jeff Jahn, Bruce Conkle, Jacqueline Ehlis, Paige Saez, Pearl Dik, Chandra Bocci, Conduit, Linda Austin, Cydney Wilkes, Trisha Brown Dance Company, Rose Bond, Old Town History Project, 333 Studios, Cecilia Hallinan, David Eckard, TJ Norris, Seth Nehil, Soundvision Gallery, Portland Art Musuem, PaineWebber Collection, Peter Hutton, Aaron Beam, Ralph Youtz, Sam Coomes, Pacific Switchboard, Lee Walton