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Raymond, Camela. The Organ Review of Arts. Portland, Oregon: Organ Publishing Company, May-June 2003. Volume 1, Issue 5.

The Organ was a bimonthly broadsheet by and for artists that sought to increase, diversify, and intensify the dialogue about the arts. Camela Raymond was founder and editor.

Courtesy of Camela Raymond

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Artist Credit: Tracy Savage, Margo Jacobsen, Savage Gallery, Eponymous Gallery, Junki Yoshida, Linda Yoshida, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Thomas Manley, Sally Lawrence, Pacific Switchboard, William Pope.L, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Jeff Jahn, Muriel Bartol, Harrell Fletcher, The New Space, Microcinema International, Bruce Guenther, Portland Art Museum, Marylhurst Art Gym, D.E. May, Christopher Rauschenberg, James Turrell, TIFany Lee Brown, Alicia Cohen, Jeff Jahn, Bryan O’Keefe, Michael McGregor,, Plazm, Jon Steinhorstm Anthony Ramos, Joshua Berger, Edward King, Raul Mendez, Alex Lily, Zachary Reno, Sam Gould, Laura Baldwin, Red76, Chris Larson, Go Gallery, Margery Fairchild, Jeff Brown, Cielo Lutino, Kathleen Manseau, Fred Nemo, Critical Mass, Greta Marchesi, Faith Farruq, Operatuin, Papercrane PDX, Kate Towers, Seaplane, Rebecca Pearcy, Queen Bee Creations, Topher Stinkinson, Dan Young, Kristan Kennedy, Four Wall, Cinema Collective, Soundvision, Spare Room, The Lecture Series, Yvonne Rainer, The Judson Church, Linda K. Johnson, Shelley Senter, Reed College, Trisha Brown, Remy Charlip, Bebe Miller, Bill Boese, Curtis Taylor, Tonya Lockyer, Ellen Fullman, Linda Austin, Hugh Bigney-Russell, Vodvil Theater, Gust Burns, Stephanie Skura, Robin Schultz, Alethea Adsitt, Amos Latteier, Black Cat Orchestra, Steve Doughton, Bill Brown, Richard Florida, Glenn Rudolph, Michael Brophy, Tony Tasset, Janet Koplos, Project Room One, Sten Hanson, David Abel, Lisa Radon

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